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Bäume in «Multi-Kulti»-Wäldern wachsen schneller
Bild zum Tagesbericht Bäume in Wäldern mit einer höheren Biodiversität wachsen schneller. Dies hat die Professur Waldökologie der ETH Zürich in einer Studie mit einem neuartigen Ansatz nachgewiesen. In den Wald gehen muss man dafür erstaunlicherweise nicht. Mehr

Roche unterstützt Assistenzprofessur
Die ETH Zürich verstärkt ihre Forschung im Bereich der «Molekularen Gesundheitswissenschaften» und schafft dazu eine neue Assistenzprofessur. Der Basler Pharmakonzern unterstützt die Professur und ein Postdoc-Forschungsprogramm in Millionenhöhe. Mehr

ETH Life international

20.11.2014 The collaborative research between our group and  the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems is featured on ETH News.
The paper "Superparamagnetic Twist-Type Actuators with Shape-Independent Magnetic Properties and Surface Functionalization for Advanced Biomedical Applications " by Christian Peters, Olgac Ergeneman, Salvador Pané et al. was featured on the front cover of Advanced Functional Materials  volume 24, issue 33! (check it here!)
24.7.2014 Marie Francine, Alexandre, Cyril and Daniel place second at the 2014 International Contest of Application in Nano-micro Technology (iCAN'14, Congratulations for this great achievement!
GreenTEG's heat flux sensor receives a Product Award from the Swiss Excellence Stiftung!
Dr. Clementine Boutry receives an ETH Medal for her outstanding doctoral work!
The 2014 International Contest for Applications in Nano-Micro Technology (iCAN) flyer is now available (flyer: »»)
The project "iLid - keeping an eye on your pan while you're out of the kitchen" by the Swiss team (Marie Francine Lagadec and Kanika S. Dheman from ETH Zürich, Alexandre I. Lagadec from ZHAW) was awarded a second prize at the finals of the 2013 International Contest for Applications in Nano-Micro Technology (iCAN). The International iCAN finals took place outside of China for the first time this year, and was held together with the Transducers 2013 and the Eurosensors XXVII conferences in Barcelona on June 16-18 2013.

Formed and coached under the support of the Master in Micro and Nanosystems program, the Swiss team was one of 18 finalists from 9 different countries at the international contest. The finalist projects were presented at a two-day exhibit, where contestants demonstrated their prototypes and answered questions from academic as well as industry representatives. The exhibit was followed by presentations of the teams, with questions form a technical jury. The awards were based on votes from conference attendees and the decision of the jury.

Team members describe iLid as follows: Picture a scenario where you come home after a long workday. You place your meal on the cooking plate and go relax in your living room or garden, while an intelligent system monitors your cooking and sends updates to your mobile device. You can use the iLid, which is not only a regular-use kitchen lid, but also a low-power autonomous sensing unit. It's a novel application of well-known, established technologies from the fields of thermal energy harvesting, mobile sensor networks and signal processing, cleverly applied to your daily kitchen life. The iLid harvests thermal energy from the pan content using thermoelectric generators (TEGs). The energy is converted, stored, and used to power a sensor circuitry. The sensor output signals are transmitted to a compatible software platform with a kitchen app that can interact with smart phones or other intelligent devices. The proposed iLid will be just like a regular lid in appearance, safety, durability and maintenance, and due to the use of TEGs, it will be a long-term, cost-effective product.

Next year’s international iCan contest is tentatively planned to take place in Japan. Students interested in participating are very welcome to contact the Master in Micro and Nanosystems program to form a team. More information is also found on the Swiss iCAN website ( and on the international iCAN website ( 

24.1.2013 Matthias Muoth, Kiran Chikkadi and Yu Liu won the Outstanding Poster Paper Award at IEEE MEMS 2013 for the paper
Valentin Döring and Matthias Muoth get mentioned in Oltener Tagblatt for their contribution to the TecDay!
Tobias Süss receives a Poster Prize Award for his work presented at the MME 2012 workshop!
Symposium with groups of Prof. Brugger (EPFL) and Prof. Wood (ETHZ) (agenda: »»)
Yunjia Li et al. article (»») makes it to the cover page of the July 2011 issue of JMM!
Dr. Thomas Helbling was awarded a Silver ETH Medal for his outstanding doctoral thesis!
16.09.2010 Prof. Dresselhaus will give a lecture at ETH entitled "Why Are We So Excited about Carbon Nanostructures?" (announcement)
11.05.2010 Dr. Thomas Helbling receives the MRS 2010 Award for his doctoral work! »»
23.10.2009 Clementine Boutry received second prize for best poster at the 20th Micromechanics Europe Workshop!
T. Helbling, C. Hierold, C. Roman, L. Durrer, M. Mattmann, and V. M. Bright, "Long term investigations of carbon nanotube transistors encapsulated by atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3 for sensor applications," Nanotechnology, vol. 20, pp. 434010, 2009. »»
01.10.2009 Dr. Silvan Schmid was awarded the ETH Medal 2009 for his outstanding doctoral thesis!
17.09.2009 Wulf Glatz’s PhD research on a new technology concept for a thermoelectric generator was yesterday awarded by the SwissElectric Research Award 2009. (announcement »» and movie »»
03.09.2009 Prof. Christofer Hierold has been appointed member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences(SATW) »». Let's all congratulate our group leader!
L. Durrer, J. Greenwald, T. Helbling, M. Muoth, R. Riek, and C. Hierold, "Narrowing SWNT diameter distribution using size-separated ferritin-based Fe catalysts," Nanotechnology, vol. 20, pp. 355601, 2009. »»
Welcome to Tobias Süss who joined our group as a PhD student to work on carbon nanotube growth and integration!
W. Glatz, E. Schwyter, L. Durrer, and C. Hierold, "Bi2Te3-Based Flexible Micro Thermoelectric Generator With Optimized Design," Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, vol. 18, pp. 763-772, 2009. »»
Congratulation to Nina Wojtas for receiving the Willi-Studer Award for her outstanding achievements in the Master Program in Micro and Nanosystems!
28.05.2009 Welcome Dr. Haluska who has arrived from the University of Eindhoven to start in his new position as Scientist in our group. We look forward to his support in CNT growth and properties.
Micro and Nanosystems Fridaytalks FS 2009: schedule available »»
S. Schmid and C. Hierold, "Damping mechanisms of single-clamped and prestressed double-clamped resonant polymer microbeams," Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 104, pp. 093516-1/12, 2008. »»
17.10.2008 Talk - "In-situ High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy of Nanometer-sized Carbon Materials,” Prof. Koji Asaka, Nagoya University, Japan, 13:00, ML F 34.
Micro and Nanosystems Fridaytalks HS 2008: schedule available »»
The group would like to congratulate Professor Emeritus Henry Baltes for his Honorary Degree awarded by UCL »»!
The Micro and Nanosystems Wiki has been officially released! The wiki, restricted to MNS members only (use VPN from outside), can be found here »».
T. Helbling, R. Pohle, L. Durrer, C. Stampfer, C. Roman, A. Jungen, M. Fleischer, and C. Hierold, "Sensing NO2 with individual suspended single-walled carbon nanotubes," Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, vol. 132, pp. 491-497, 2008. »»
S. Schmid, P. Senn, and C. Hierold, "Electrostatically actuated nonconductive polymer microresonators in gaseous and aqueous environment," Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, vol. 145-146, pp. 442-448 2008. »»
Talk - “Characterization of Materials on the Nanoscale,” Prof. Jun Lou, Rice University, 16.05 (part 1) and 23.05 (part 2), 13:00, CLA E 4.
Welcome to Professor Jun Lou and his student Ryan Pei, who are visiting us for three months from Rice University! Prof. Lou's interests are in the fields of Materials Science and Nanotechnology.
F. Gattiker, J. Neuenschwander, U. Sennhauser, F. Umbrecht, and C. Hierold, "Drahtloser, implantierbarer und passiver Dehnungssensor," Technisches Messen, vol. 75, pp. 110-119, 2008. »»
Micro and Nanosystems Fridaytalks FS 2008: schedule available »»
Alain Jungen and Christoph Stampfer receive the Silver Medal of the ETH Zurich for outstanding Ph.D. theses! Congratulations!

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