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In order to provide a cost effective and practical method for device fabrication, the Micro and Nanosystems Group takes advantage of four main processing resources: the clean room facilities of ETH-Zürich, the chemical lab of the Micro and Nanosytems Group in the CLA building, commercial MEMS and microelectronic foundries and the specialized resources and process knowledge of our partners.The clean room resources utilized by the Micro and Nanosystems group include the CLA labs of the ETH Zentrum campus near the city center, which are jointly operated by IMES, IRIS and the Micro and Nanosystems Group, and the FIRST lab of the ETH Hönggerberg campus several kilometres northwest of the city.

Class 10-100 air quality is maintained for the labs with a total space of over 700 square meters. The FIRST lab is primarily designed for III-V semiconductor materials; however the equipment and material selections can be customized based on project needs. Technicians and support staff are available in both labs to ensure equipment is maintained and to assist in the process planning.

A brief list of process technology currently available in each lab is given below. For more information on each lab, using the following links: CLA Lab, FIRST Lab and BRNC

Deposition Sputtering and evaporation of metals and dielectrics,
CVD carbon nanotube growth
Sputtering, evaporation, epitaxial growth: MBE, LPCVD, PECVD, MOCVD, dielectrics and III-V materials, CVD carbon nanotube growth, ALD dielectrics
Sputtering, evaporation, thermal/PE-CVD CNT growth, CVD graphene, ALD dielectrics and metals.
Lithography High quality G-line photolithography: single and double sided mask aligner DUV photolithography, infrared backside alignment, 2x E-beam (30 kV), Nanolithography (AFM) Photolithography: single and double sided mask aligners, nanoimprint lithography, FIB, spray coater, Laser writer, E-beam (100kV)
Hot-embossing, compression-molding
Etching RIE, ICP, wet etching, and HF vapor etching RIE, ICP, wet etching RIE, ICP, XeF2 etcher, wet etching and HF vapor etching
Characterization and Analysis Wafer probe stations, surface profile analyzer, 2x AFM, white light interferometer, confocal micro-Raman spectroscopy, potentiostat, vibrometer
Ellipsometer, CV profiler, PL-mapper, wafer probe station, Hall prober, X-ray, 2x SEM, AFM, (FIB, TEM and Cs-corrected STEM at EMEZ)
SEM, AFM, surface profiler, ellipsometer, wafer probe station, FIB, TEM
Thermal Treatment Tempering, oxidation, baking, drying, laser mill RTA, oxidation, hotplates, oven RTA, oxidation, hotplate, oven
Mechanical Treatment Ultrasonic bath, dicing, glass drill, scriber, hydraulic hot press Lapping/polishing, dicing, cleaving, scribing Ultra and megasonic bath, dicing,
Packaging wire and wafer bonders
wire bonding, flip-chip bonding Wire, die/flip chip bonder, wafer anodic bonder
Pre/Post Processing Freeze dryer, plasma asher, 6" super critical CO2 dryer
Barrel reactor Super-critical CO2 dryer

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